Annique Rooibos Tea and Eczema

Life is such an awesome privilege! I believe that people were made to enrich each others lives in one way or another. I am in the wonderful position to do so throughout the day, everyday, because of my ANNIQUE business. I know I only have to keep my eyes and ears open for a need that I can address and that the outcome would be wonderful for me and the person I could help.

A week ago I visited the doctors consulting rooms to collect something from the receptionist. The minute I walked in, my eye caught a young boy of about 9 years old. He was waiting to see the doctor because his whole body was covered in eczema. My heart stopped because I knew what this terrible skin condition meant – enflamed dry areas that itch and burn and sometimes crack and bleed. Too much for even adults to handle.

I couldnt help myself, I immediately spoke to the childs mother and recommended she started bathing the youngster in a strong ROOIBOSTEA brew and told her about our wonderful RESQUE creme with its antioxidant properties due to the ROOIBOS it contains, how it had the ability to heal eczema becaue it is anti- allergenic, anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial, etc, etc etc.

The terrible thing is that I could only give her my business card and hope that she would contact me soon so that I could give them the chance to change their child’s life and add value to it in a way they could not imagine.

Sadly she hasn’t contacted me, and my heart bleeds for that child, because I know that cortisone would only relieve the symptoms and not adress the root of the problem. But at least I had the opportunity to try and help, and that made it worth the while. Maybe next time he gets it badly, she might take out my card from where she carefully saved it …

Article Submitted by our Member Theresa Meyer from Annique Struisbaai

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