Business4Women Networking Breakfast at The Red Windmill 5 September

Firstly congratulations to all of you for attending the first Networking Event! Thank you for your support I must be honest I did not expect such a big turnout for the first event. It is clear that there is a big need for this in the Overberg area.

We were all greeted by a beautiful spring day and what a stunning venue The Red Windmill is. When you open your car door you smell fresh farm air, flowers and then the wafts from the kitchen … oh good food is a thing of beauty!

The Elevator Pitch – For a few it was a first to this method of introducing yourself and your business and you all did it! I think for some of us the Bubbly was a blessing to loosen the tongue and calm the nerves a bit. Not all of us were born with the gift of the gab! Thank you to Quoin Rock for sponsoring the MCC it was magnificent!

Just a bit of interesting information about Quoin Rock – their name comes from Quoin Point which is the outer eastern point of the Danger Point Peninsula. Their vineyards are 30 km southwest of Quoin Point. This is also the 2nd most Southern point of Africa!

The Elevator Pitch is just one of the Benefits of attending all the networking events – you get to practise your elevator pitch and you also get to introduce yourself and your business to everyone present. And of course you get to learn about all the other businesses in your area and I’m sure that lots of new business relationships are forming already as a result of the Networking Breakfast.

See the video for a sneak peak from the Elevator Pitches!

The highlight of the day (apart from the super delicious food, amazing company, learning about optimizing our website and getting a better ranking on Google, fantastic prizes and yummee champagne!) must have been when one of the resident chickens Quizzy Lizzy entered the room and started making a racket during the Speaker’s session. Our Speaker James Timewell fromThe Marketing Company took it in his stride and claimed that it was all planned as an ice-breaker. I believe that she’s being renamed to Lizzy the Interruptor! The chickens at The Red Windmill are battery rescued hens and roam freely on the farm. They all have names and are loved by everyone who visits the Farmstall.

The topic was Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – A Do-it-Yourself Guide. You can read the Blog article about the talk here. Thank you James that was brilliant! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that it was very insightful, helpful and mostly practical.

Now I have to talk about the food again! Dee and Neal and the rest of the team at The Red Windmill you have most certainly outdone yourselves! We knew to expect good food because we’d seen the menu and eaten there before, but WoW! – we were all smacking our lips and going for seconds! Just to make you jealous if you weren’t there – on the menu was skewered berries with honey & vanilla yoghurt dip; poached eggs baked in a cheese & rosemary sauce (please can’t I have my eggs like this every morning!) crispy bacon and my favourite – char-grilled gemsbok fillet & cherry tomatoes in a light olive oil dressing with Hot farm-made breadrolls & butter. My mouth is watering all over again!!

Finally just a quick thank you to our

Prize Sponsors:

Miracle Water – a Bottle of Miracle water spray – Miracle Water is a non-toxic, safe and effective oxygenated spray that is anti-viral, antifungal, antibacterial & antiseptic.
Our lucky Prize Winner was Jill Fouche from Honey Accessories.

Miracle Water – an Eye Pad – This is FAB for stress, headaches, migraines, insomnia, naps, eye health, under eye bags and more.
Our lucky Prize Winner was Deidre Rohlandt from Bredasdorp Driving School.

Miracle Water – Back massage – some of us have already been introduced to Gizelle’s clever thumbs.
Our lucky Prize Winner was Linda Souter from Napier Properties.

The Marketing Company – SEO Audit – A free audit done on their website by our SEO expert James Timewell.

Our lucky Prize Winner was Gizelle from Miracle Water.

The Red Windmill – 2 x R75 Meal Vouchers – We were all coveting these prizes I’m sure!
Our lucky Prize Winners were Elaine Hodgson from Seeff Property Napier and Mona Joubert from Agulhas Honeybush Tea.

Thank you again to everyone who attended and contributed to our first Monthly Event and that made it the special morning it was!

We’ll soon announce the next Venue and Speaker but for now Save-the-Date of the first Thursday of October  – 3rd October.

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