Emotional Intelligence and the Smarties Personality Types

The Business4Women August Event was held at Pascal’s in Napier. This is a beautiful venue owned by Mark Kerr and Stephen Nicholenas. The name originates from the talented singer Danièle Pascal. We had a wonderful morning here with excellent food and we were well looked after by our hosts Mark and Stephen themselves. Our Speaker at this Event was Sue Bezuidenhout from accoHRD and we were all engaged in learning more about what colour Smartie we represent.

Here is an extract of Sue’s talk.

Contrary to popular belief it is not money but people that make the World go round. Whether you’re thinking business or pleasure it is the experience around our encounters with people that either make it happen, or not. What helps in our interactions with others, is not only learning more about ourselves, but also learning about others and how to make those encounters work for the best of both parties.

Just like in a box of Smarties there are many different colours, so it is in our world we have many different personalities. We all have to get along and in business and life you will get to deal with ALL the colours!

The Yellow Smartie – This person is lively, talkative, and spontaneous. They are the ones that will make an event happen. They are also very caring people and will often look after the oppressed or the elderly.

The Red Smartie – The leader, the go-getter, but also the very stubborn and hard-headed. We need them to get things started.

The Blue Smartie – This person is calm, smooth and their feathers don’t get ruffled easily. They are the thinkers and the peacemakers. They will do mundane tasks without ever complaining.

The Green Smartie – Self-disciplined, calm but often sarcastic. They are excellent organisers.

The Pink Smartie – Creative people, they come with much enthusiasm but can sometimes also be moody. They are very good helpers.

The Orange Smartie – They love to procrastinate and can be seen as lazy, but these people are often the unsung heroes who will work behind the scenes.

The Brown Smartie – This is a very analytical person and they never act on anything before thinking it through thoroughly. Always good to have someone like this in the mix because you can count on them having all the facts.

When we become Emotionally Intelligent we can adapt to the person we are dealing with and become versatile in our own personality to suit the situation. This makes it easier to work with others.

Always remember that we are all different and the way we see the world through different coloured lenses. The best way to increase your Emotional Intelligence is by bettering your Listening Skills. Here’s an acronym to help with that.


L – Look the person in the eye.

A – Ask open-ended questions (What, Why, When, where, who).

D – Don’t Interrupt.

D – Don’t change the subject too quickly.

E – Empathise.

R – Respect the other person and their opinion.

Please comment below about how you think we can better work together.


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