How to Inspire your Workers

You’ve got great people working for you and they have the necessary skills but how do you inspire them to work harder, be creative and innovative, keep showing up on time, put in that extra effort that will take your business to a new level? It is not easy being a business owner and most of us can tell many stories about how we’ve been let down by staff, dropped at the last minute, disappointed, disillusioned even. Do you get tough or take the gentle approach? What are the best tactics for getting the most from the people who work for you?

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Here are 5 ways of building trust and inspiring people

1. Recognition through Opportunity
Mostly when we think of recognition we think about praise and rewards, the rewards could be in the form of incentives or more inherent like company benefits, e.g. bonuses, days off, etc. But the most meaningful form of recognition is in the form of offering employees opportunity. This is the one thing that truly shows them that you value them and trust them. Give them an opportunity to prove themselves and see how the flourish. And don’t get discouraged by the ones that still disappoint you, the workers that seize the opportunity and surprise you with the way they blossom will surely make up for it.

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2. Get good at Communication
Most employees at some point feel that they are not listened to or that the boss doesn’t care. If you can get good at communication with your workers not only will they feel more valued, this will also ensure they have more confidence in you as a leader. Make a point of finding out more about your employees and have an open-door policy. If you’re worried that this will get out of hand and start to consume too much of your day, have a scheduled time during the day where for an hour every day employees can book 15 minute meetings with you.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
–  John C. Maxwell

3. Don’t assume Anything
The biggest mistake you can make is assuming things. Assuming everyone understands what you want, assuming you have everyone on board for your vision. Talk to people, listen to what people say. There is only one way of really knowing and that is by asking. Take time to really understand the people that are helping you build your business. Don’t think that your enthusiasm and energy for your business will be infectious and automatically become theirs.

4. Be Authentic
Your workers will value you as a leader more if you are authentic.  Being you will also attract the right kind of people. People will know who they’re dealing with and will find it easier to communicate to you about obstacles as well as innovative ideas that they might have. Ultimately, it is a relationship based on trust that inspires employees to perform. And it is only in an environment of trust that your company can thrive.

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5. Keep your workers Engaged
One sure way of achieving this is to challenge them. Instead of tackling all the difficult tasks yourself and taking everything on, give the challenge to your employees and you will see them thrive. There is nothing like a challenge to make someone want to come to work every day. Make sure that the challenge is not too difficult and too hard to overcome, this will have the opposite effect and make them feel that they’re not good enough. The goal is to uplift them and to show them they can achieve more if they apply themselves to a problem.

When your employees disappoint you and let you down it is easy to give up and fall into the trap of just dictating to them. Don’t give up on them or on the leader you could be, the results might be slow but the long-term benefits for you, your employees and your company will be countless.

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