Labelling Ourselves and Others

Our guest speaker at our October Networking Event, Deidre Rohlandt from Bredasdorp Driving School, spoke with passion and from the heart.

What or who defines who we are?

Is it what others think of us? Or perhaps what we’ve achieved? Or how much we own?

It is too easy in this world to look at the wrong things to determine how much we are worth. We can know that because we are children of God we are created in His image and we are worthy. This should make us confident, THIS is what defines us.

Throughout our lives others will place labels on us. They might label you for where you’ve come from, the size of your house or the clothes you wear. They might label you if you’re a quiet person, or if you’re really talkative. Don’t let the labels that others place on you determine who you are or will become. Labels can be like anchors holding us back or bringing us down, but only if we allow them. First we need to think about the labels that we might still be carrying with us from our childhood, along with all the other labels that we’ve collected along the road. Once we’re aware of these labels we can make a deliberate decision to start casting them off.

“If life gives you a corner, just drop a gear”. We all fail at this daily but we need to strive to create positive labels for ourselves and others every day.

Three things to practise every day

1. If you realised how powerful your thoughts are you would never have another negative thought again.

2. Never judge someone by the opinion of someone else.

3. If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how much richer would our lives be.

Live carefree before God, because God is most careful with you.

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