Online marketing goals and generating more inbound business leads

Online marketing is very important for every business, now more than ever! Thank you James Timewell from The Marketing Company for your very insightful talk at our February Networking Breakfast at Moncrieff’s in Napier.

Below is the blog reposted from The Marketing Company’s website. Be sure to contact James if you need help with your Online Marketing.

The primary goal of online marketing is to get enquiries that will be converted into new business.
These enquiries are called inbound leads and they occur when someone you have most likely never met or heard of contacts you. The first contact can be by email, a post on your website, response to a newsletter, comment or post on one of your social media pages or a result of a paid for campaign. All of which you are tracking and monitoring so no inbound lead slips through the net.
Although this type of marketing is seen as less aggressive than face to face or telephonic canvassing it is by no means passive.  One of the main differences is that it is slower to show results but to make it work your efforts need to be consistent month after month after month….

So if our Goal is to be more profitable and generate more clients how do we fit this to our online marketing campaign?


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