What does Being Successful mean to you?

At our May Business4Women Networking Event our Speaker Adél Dreyer from Bailamos Dance Studio shared with us what success means to her. Thank you Adél for showing us that we can ALL be successful!

What does “Being successful” mean to you?

Wat beteken “Om suksesvol te wees” vir jou?

The Oxford Dictionary:

Successful:   Accomplishing an aim or purpose.

The attainment (achieving) of fame; wealth; social status.

A person or thing that achieves success.

Die H.A.T.:

Suksesvol:    Met baie sukses, voorspoedig, geslaag.

Met goeie gevolg.

Nou vandag wil ek goeie nuus deel, om julle weer moed te gee.

So regte ou opkikkertjie!

*En dit is wat ek glo, dit beteken om suksesvol te wees



If you look at successful people like Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey or Roberty Kiyosaki … why would you say they are successful?

Because they are rich?

The answer is NO… they are successful because they have accomplished what they set out to do (their goals).

And we can, & must, learn from them, even one another, who have also achieved success.  Talk to them, they do not mind to share their knowledge about success and who knows, they might even learn something from you.

We can also read books about success to learn more.

Money and fame only comes afterwards… (unless you inherited it :-)

I have 2 sayings:

“Money is not the measuring tool for success”


“No one owns success”

And this is where the problem lies… In our thinking!

Success is not only what you want to achieve, it is what you already are.  This is how the Lord created us.  We just need to open our eyes when we look at ourselves.

You are successful.

You have already been successful.

Most of us can not play the piano like Liberace or paint like Michael Angelo, but I bet you they couldn’t bake a cake or sew like you do. Or whatever successful talent you have.

People were created for every purpose in life, that is what makes us successful.

Only you know what your purpose are, and no one can do it better than you.

Think of your previous successes:

-A tea party you planned

-A fundraiser you organised

-Your child’s birthday party/21st/Wedding

-A friend’s baby shower

-A dress you made

-A blanket or jersey you knitted

There are so many things that you have already done and accomplished.  You have been successful!

Apply what you already know, to whatever you plan to achieve at the moment.

Remember, you are the only one who knows your abilities and limits.

Write down Your ‘Step by Step’ plan from start to finish.

Look at it, Envision it, And Do It!

Now look into the mirror …

That person you are looking at, Is Successful.


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