Why is Branding Important?

At our June Networking Breakfast the Topic was Why is Branding Important? Our Speaker, Joh-Mari from Lloyd George Design and Print, pointed out that first you need to ask What is Branding? Branding is the Story about your business or product/service. What makes you stand out from your competitors? The visual story that you paint about your business, professionalism or area of expertise.

Then Joh-Mari illustrated this by first asking us to write down one word that describes ourselves, and then also how we think others see us. That is your personal Brand– your Story.

In the same way your business has a Story. She then followed on by giving us each the opportunity to write down (in only six words) what we see as our Business Story. This was no easy task as we then realised. The lesson: If it is this difficult, using only a few words to explain what your business is about, how much more difficult it must be for your clients/potential clients! That is why Branding is so important. Branding paints a visual story that tells everyone with one glance what your business is all about.

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